GAGHARV TRILOGY ☆ The Legend of Heroes

A Tear of Vermillion 彡 Prophecy of the Moonlight Witch 彡 Song of the Ocean

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GAGHARV TRILOGY ☆ The Legend of Heroes

The Legend of Heroes (英雄伝説, Eiyuu Densetsu) is a series of role-playing games developed by Nihon Falcom Corporation. The first of the series was released in 1989 as Dragon Slayer: The Legend of Heroes, and was part of the Dragon Slayer line of games. Subsequent games in the series dropped their association with the Dragon Slayer saga. The titles A Tear of Vermillion, Prophecy of the Moonlight Witch, and Song of the Ocean comprise the so-called Gagharv Trilogy.

This LiveJournal fan community aims to gather fans of the Trilogy from all over the world and share (as well as spread) their love for these amazing games. Discussions, media and fanworks sharing, and fangirling in general are very much welcome here, just as long as we all follow these simple rules.
1. Please be nice and polite.
2. Please lock mature-rated posts to the community.
3. Please tag your entries for future reference.
4. Please use an LJ cut for spoilers, ads, icon posts, large images, embedded videos, fanfiction and the like.

Your friendly neighborhood Captain Thomas fangirls mods are Kazie and Carolyn. ♥

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